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Angel Powder

A colour powder that changes the colour of water. Teaches children to experiment with primary colours and how to create secondary colours. It may be used in a bath or any container/tub. It is perfect for children with sensitive skin or eczema. The key ingredient is Sodium Bicarbonate which softens the water and also offers relief to sun-stressed skin. Colours and flavours are internationally approved safe for use and non-toxic. Each colour has a different fruity fragrance.


Shake a little bit into the water and then identify the colour. Alternatively create secondary colours: add yellow and red to create an orange "Nemo" Bath.; add red and blue to get a purple "Barney" bath; or add blue and yellow to make a green "Shrek" Bath.

For art play: mix Angel Powder with a drop of water to make finger paints and simply add more powder for a darker shade.

For texture and tactile awareness: make Angel Powder ice cubes of many different colours. Great to feel the icy coldness of the cube in contrast to the warm water and watch the ice dissolve and release colour into the bath.

To be creative: fill vases with the coloured water at parties to create fun coloured flower arrangements.

And remember that Angel Powder makes a fun and affordable gift for kiddies parties!