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Soft Bath Crayons

High quality beeswax crayons to creatively design, draw and colour on the bath, on the tiles and on the kids. They are made with cosmetic ingredients and may also be used as "face paint". The wide range of washable colours encourages kids' creativity. The chunky bullet shape is much easier for small hands to hold. When bath time is over, simply use soap and water to wash away your designs. Also great for creatively drawing on mirrors, windows, cupboards and fridges.


These crayons are the International Bath Crayon size of 4.5 grams per crayon. They are supplied without a plastic sleeve and are intended to be used like blackboard chalk, holding them directly. Crayon size is 12mm in diameter and 42mm in length. Never leave the crayons lying in the bath water when you are finished but pack them away in the crayon tub.